Abel Tasman

Kayaking through the blue

After Ferrying from the North Island to the South Island, we enjoyed a few days in Nelson and then started in on some of NZ’s beautiful National Parks. The Abel Tasman, while beautiful by land too, is stunning from the water. We rented a kayak from one of the vendors in Marahau and spent a day on the water. It’s an easy paddle out to several stunning blue beaches- some turn out to be secluded private beaches where it’s just you and the birds. Since this was a wet, ocean spray, sand on everything kind of day, I only snagged a few pictures. We did take our go-pro so, maybe we will have some film for you yet. For now, I’ll just tell you. Adel Island is a bird sanctuary, and we enjoyed the company of many of them. Towards golden bay and the Tasman sea on the North side of the island seals lay out on the rocks. We saw a few but most seemed to be retreated from the water to somewhere private. We stopped on one of the beaches to eat our lunch and soak in some (maybe a little too much) of the sunshine and have a swim. With not-too-deep waters on the coast and between the islands, the sea is warm and the protection of the bay makes it easy to swim in. The wind picked up a bit as we paddled back in to shore but it was on our backs, it mostly helped us back, but we were still a bit jealous of the seasoned kayakers who had brought a make-shift sail with them to get onto shore.