Auckland Greetings

Entering New Zealand through the big city

We arrived early Thursday morning in Auckland, took a bus to get to the CBD (central business district) checked into a backpackers’ hostel and set out to explore the city. The city center is quite international with a lot of business and industry. We’ve been warned not to take Auckland for New Zealand itself as it’s not the best representation of the kiwi life, so we haven’t but we have had quite a nice time meeting people from around the world. Our first real NZ experience was with a couple who are clients and friends of Taylor. We drove a bit to an area of town called Mission Bay where Nadia picked up fish and chips on the beach while the sun set behind us.  The golden hour was incredibly lovely, I had to resist the urge to start snapping pictures of the cliffs that surrounded the bay and the dolphins jumping out of the water as I wanted to enjoy the setting with our hosts without dividing attention. We had a bit of ice cream and wonderful conversation. I’m thankful to have such welcoming friends here, it makes the country even more beautiful.