Big Beautiful Bustling Bangkok

The concrete jungle and the tropical one intermingle. 

Little stalls line side street neighborhoods- each area will be named Soi then it’s number, even Sois on one side of the thoroughfare, odds on the other. 

Soi 38 in Sukhumvit (a particularly happening part of town) has a night market with all kinds of southern Thai food. This is where I had mango sticky rice for the first time- oh, it is so good. 

Thailand too, drives on the wrong [left] side of the road, although, traffic laws aren’t exactly strictly enforced. So, if you need to get down just one block you might decide the shoulder or the sidewalk are nice places to moped too.  

Everywhere you look, there is a spectrum:

Urban development-  in the same block it’s common to walk on three (or more) different sidewalks, polished stone, clean and beautiful in front of an upscale hotel, old pavers by a storefront and crumbling concrete in a seemingly neglected corner.

The buildings reflect a similar development, some scraping by, others towering ultra-lux skyscrapers.

It goes on… cars, clothing, storefronts, everything in spectrum.

There are some consistencies. 

 1. The love of the King. Yes, this is the Kingdom of Thailand.

 2. Love of good food, it’s not uncommon to see high-end luxury cars stop at the same street stall everyone else is, if it’s good, you eat it. 

 3.Smiles. Everybody smiles.