Being Fully Present

Remove the Distractions

Way too often in our busy lives so we completely ignore and zone out from the present moment we’re in. Whether it be planning ahead in the future, or looking back in the past – we never seem to spend the present time actually engaged with what’s around us.

This hit me like a ton of bricks while standing on the white sand beaches of Stanmore Bay, north of Auckland. There was a rainstorm that moved in and went from a hazy sky to a downpour in about 10 minutes as I walked towards the far end of the beach.

I was already preoccupied with business thoughts like:

  • What things needed to be done in the next day or two
  • What projects would be worth devoting myself to when I get home
  • What projects I shouldn’t have taken in the past
  • The best ways of doing business to align with my life goals
  • … etc.

Then I stopped for a second.

I realized that I was so focused on the past and the future that I completely had neglected this awesome and powerful rainstorm that had just moved in and was currently drenching me at that very moment.

I didn’t pay any attention to the thunderous roar that was caused from the rain slapping down against the sand and waves.

I had focused so much on the current worries that I had soaked up about 20% of what was going on around me.


* Deep Breath *


How could I completely miss this? It was incredibly powerful, yet so peaceful at the same time.

Too often in life we are too preoccupied with planning new gardens and flowerbeds, or thinking back over what went wrong with old ones, that we completely forget to actually smell the roses we’ve already planted.