Changing your Mind

Simple options for changing mindset

Even when things are very good, sometimes you can get down.

Here are a few of my favorite slump sqashers- to get back on top of my thoughts and be free to be happy…


Make a cup of tea

Turn on some jazz music

Say something kind 

Go outside and soak up some fresh air

Get some flowers

Look at images of nature

Stretch or exercise

Listen to rain

Light a candle 

Put on lotion 

Note something you are thankful for

Write a real letter – or a thoughtful electronic one 

Find something you can do for the good of someone else.

Set a very small goal, i.e. “I will make my bed, try this one new recipe, do 10 jumping jacks”  or some other small attainable goal and finish it. 

Accomplishing something good, no matter how small will help you change the path your mind is on, good begets good.