Chiang MaiChiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Happy living in Northern Thailand

When I first got to Chiang Mai, I wrote nothing. I didn’t know what to say. We got off the train and into a Tuk Tuk.  We were about as happy as two 6 year olds in Disneyland, lights reflected on the water of the moat, the food was vibrantly delicious and every person we met greeted us with a smile. The thick, post-rain air rushed past my face, Thailand was all I had heard and nothing I knew. 

Chiang Mai is not the littlest city, there’s a buzz about it. Something is always going on but no one’s in a rush, and everyone is pleasant.  The pace of the city is slower, kinder, more human than many. 

The moat at the center of the city has castle ruins from 1296. Surrounding it, hotels, markets, hostels, coffee shops and bars spread for kilometers in some directions. There’s a songtheaw whenever you need one at a reasonable price and a driver who understands your accent. It’s historical, beautiful and livable.

We were so incredibly blessed to get plugged in with two non-profit groups who are each doing awesome things- and full of people who love Jesus. I couldn’t have asked for more. From the natural beauty, the delectable food, fresh fruits, vibrant culture and history, the international / ex-pat community  and friendly locals, there is so much to love in Chiang Mai.