Some of my favorite hosts were in Christchurch. We had such a good time chatting about travel, basketball and life. New Zealanders’ hospitality and kindness is top notch. Jeremy and Helen were a prime example of that- (thanks to both of you!!).


Christchurch is lovely- with its gardens, shopping and art.


Sadly, it’s also home to a few tragic natural events.

In 2011 a series of earthquake hit, 185 people were lost, the city center crumbled and since then, this has been a significant part of the city’s identity. 

While the surrounds of Christchurch remained, for the most part intact, the city center is a mix of caution tape, rubble, street art and rebuilding.  

It’s moving to walk along the streets with demolition and construction surrounding on every side. A few of the streets and buildings still stand. The atmosphere throughout is buzzing but tentative; unsure what’s going to happen next.