Lime Water

Recipes for Refreshment and Laughter

Lime Water

Good to drink if you’re a non-alcohol drinking kind of individual, or if you’re the opposite and you need a break, or perhaps you just like limes.

2 Limes, quartered
1 C Ice
3/4 C Water

Squeeze each quartered lime into a glass, then drop slices into glass.
Add ice on top of the limes.
Pour in the water, be sure not to over-fill the glass.
Stir to combine, using a chopstick if available.


This recipe is brought to you by my friend and co-teacher Mads. She lives in Melbourne, AUS, studies a lot and travels in her free time. She’s bright, sarcastic and a blast to hang out with. She was among the group of international volunteers who met up in Vietnam to spend a part of their summer doing something good.

It was the first time we’ve done a really structured program while abroad. If you’re traveling internationally and you love camaraderie and giving back, this kind of thing is for you. IVHQ offers budget volunteer programs, yes they’re still a pretty penny but they include accommodation and food. Also, it’s nice to have an on-the-ground support system and ready-to-meet friends!

The group was comprised of people from all over -the Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Suriname, Australia, England, Canada, Equador, Italy, Singapore, France and of course there were a few of us from the States as well. We were based out of a local hospitality college, and took off to different programs from there. It was so fun to get to know so many different people, in some ways it felt like being in college again, just without the cramming.

Whether we were at our programs, in the hospital, teaching english, working in a soup kitchen, caring for children at day-care or an orphanage, etc, or were just out exploring, we were having a good time around Saigon. 

One thing Vietnam does really well is cheap beer.
4000 Dong Bia Bar had pints for- you guessed it- 4000 dong. (FYI it’s about 21,000vnd to $1USD) A good deal by anyone’s standards. 

We explored historical sites and learned(ish) to cook some Vietnamese dishes. 

We played like school kids with paint and balancing dragonflies 

We became friends with our students and co-habitants of the college and with each other, and for that I am truly grateful. 

I am thankful to have met each of these awesome volunteers and wish you all well on the rest of your travels!!