Mu Ko Ang Thong

National Marine Park

Morning at Sea

From Koh Samui we sailed into a silvery blue sea. it wasn’t completely clear out. Clouds lingered around the edges of the horizon, light shimmered on the water. I love being being on the ocean. The water sprays around the boat with that perfect salty smell. The gulf of Thailand is particularly quiet, at least at this time of year. It makes for true smooth sailing. Island blues and warm air washed around us as we had breakfast and sat together enjoying the view. After an hour or so we arrived in the National Park.

Afternoon on the Water

Our tattooed German guide directed us to go downstairs to get our kayaks. We did, and slipped them into the water, and were on our way. Huge sandstone karsts rose out of the water around us. Our guide showed us the way through some of them. Tunnels and caves opened up just above the edge of the water. The sea was still and easy. Inside the tunnels, sea shells (muscles I think) clung to the walls and the ceiling. Some of the spaces were barely big enough for us to get through. We paddled to a shore and hiked, to the top of the hill. The lake at the top was bright turquoise . The stairs are not made for big feet but the views were fantastic!