Pedro’s House of Lamb

Best Food in New Zealand

“Oh you’re going to New Zealand? You’re going to each so much lamb…”

I’m not sure how many times we heard this before we left.

Yes, New Zealand is the place with more sheep than people (actually probably more beef cows now), but honestly up until about half way through the trip, we hardly had any lamb.

Heck, up to this point we hardly had any food that was worthy of writing home about. Most of the memorable meals we had up to this point were either from Indian or Asian places, so by this time we were really yearning for some actual New Zealand cuisine.

So after a day of exploring the half-devastated downtown of Christchurch, being quite hungry, we turned to the handy TripAdvisor to find the best eats in Christchurch.

The result – Pedro’s House of Lamb.

We had seen another location as the far-and-above #1 place in Queenstown, so when it came up again ranked #1 for Christchurch, we had to try it.

While it’s not quite New Zealand cuisine (prepared more in a Spanish style), lamb made it close enough.

Rolling up to this food cart in the parking lot of a liquor store, and seeing the menu with a single item on it had our suspicions heightened a little bit, but we have yet to go wrong from a top-rated restaurant.

After getting this large tin container in a cardboard box to help hold everything together, we quickly piled in.

The massive leg of lamb was slow cooked to absolute perfection, and drowned in a savory butter sauce with scalloped potatoes accompanying the main meat showcase.

The richness of the lamb, combined with the succulent butter sauce made the whole thing so incredible that we sat there fairly memorized as we ate the whole. damn. thing.

It’s not very often that you recline back after a meal with an un-wipable smile on your face, and a deep feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

Props to you Pedro.