Queen Charlotte Track

Northern sounds along the South Island

Queen Charlotte Track is a jungle, mountain, cattle field, ocean-cliff, coastal tramp.

The ocean gleams bright aquamarine. Trees and ferns hang over head. The track winds over hills and along cliffs and beside beaches. Birds call, waves lapp.  Runners from Anakiwa pass us as they train- some are ultramaratoners, some just enjoy the scene. The track weaves inland and back out to ocean views. We can see “baches” -oceanside cabins that can only be accessed by boat- family getaways all along the Malburough Sound.  As we reach the tops of hills the layers of the peninsulas and islands are clear in the distance.  Blue and green fill the view. They say there are more colors in New Zealand. More sparkle in the water, fresher green on the ferns. I think they are right.