Te Rotorua-nui-a-Kahumatamomoe

Maori call Rotorua the second great lake place- and they are right, as far as the north island goes, this is the little brother to Taupo. North Islanders- Aucklanders specifically love Rotorua. It’s got geo-thermal activity, redwood forest, and a big lake- and it all smells like sulfur.  I mean, rotten egg sulfur but, the scenery is lovely.

The church we went to here was full of young families and growing. Most of the congregation was Maori, many of the people were related- which as Pastor Scott explained to us, is common when your family has lived in the same place for 500+ years. Scott and Jebraun are really passionate about God and teaching the gospel, they love Christ and we were really encouraged.


While the wildlife and scenery are beautiful, the Maori cultural experience is a must while in Rotorua. We heard it over and again, it’s true, the Maori are truly hospitable and want to share the best things about their culture with you.