The Golden South

Sydney is a big, beautiful, international city.

Customs shuffled us through with no issues except a bit of mud on our boots.

Stairs down from SYD International lead to train access that will lead anywhere in the city.

Warm, beachy vibes permeate the atmosphere, even in Fall, after a torrential downpour of rain.

The sun finds its way out to make everything sparkle.

She’s full stunning architecture, high fashion, good food and culture filled niches.

A few days here are easy to fill.


We stayed with an american man, ferried to Bondi Beach, found an underground asian food court (and ate our hearts out), walked through botanical gardens, worshiped with Hillsong, admired old buildings, explored the modern art museum and a few shops.

As soon as we were there, we were off to VIC to get into Melbourne.