Thai Cooking School

Organic Farm Cooking

We love Thai food. 

Long before we arrived in the Kingdom of Thailand, T was making Thai curries. His specialty is spicy Thai coconut curry.  It’s one of the most delicious dishes and it’s very flexible- you can toss in whatever vegetables or meat you want. During our cooking class we learned to make our own curry paste from scratch with a mortar and pestle. We are really excited to try it again at home!

There are a lot of cooking class options in Thailand, dozens in Chiang Mai even. Some are better than others, and I think we got one of the best. We left early that morning with a group and were taken first to the market where we learned about the different kinds of rice, sticky rice being the most important, of course. We also saw coconut milk fresh squeezed and whole bunch of unique Thai products. 

We took off from the market and drove to the farmland outside the city. Our cooking school was on an organic farm run by a Thai family. They grow a huge variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs on their farm. Our teacher, Sawat, took us through many of the plants we would be cooking with. After watching him passionately describe many of the exotic fruits and vegetables he handed much of it to us to smell, touch and taste. He explained to us that they keep the farm organic partially for people and partially for the bugs; the bugs need to eat too. 

After a tour through the farm we headed back to the open air kitchen. We learned to make tom yum and coconut soup. We crushed chillies, galangal root, lemongrass, basil, garlic and shallots to make green and red curies. We chopped and wok-ed stir fries, pad thai and spring rolls. By the time dessert came around, we were so stuffed we could hardly eat the super tasty mango sticky rice and banana pudding. 

With a great variety of foods, high quality local ingredients and a super Thai teacher, we had an absolute blast at the farm.