Thailand Railway

Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Hua Lamphong Railway Station, Bangkok,  to Chiang Mai, Mueang- Thailand.

Bangkok was smoky. Thick, brown grey haze hung in the air during our few days there. Scenes of cranes  and teams of men at work building  and the sprawl of shanty towns intermingled until the train moved out from the construction. 

City gave way to flat lands, then to small villages, golden pagodas and giant orange flowering trees flashed in and out of view. 

Much of the country is full of rice paddies, the wetness home to egrets and storks which stretch out their long legs, they dip their necks low to eat something from the water, or reach them forward and launch into graceful flight.

As the train crept north, jungle came into view, a thousand palms passed by the windows and the sun started to set. Through hills and into the mountains we went, the sky grew dark and the train sped on. Street lights whizzed by and the train brakes cranked.

Our ten hour trip was coming to an end a mere thirteen hours after we left. The step onto the platform was accompanied by a wave of warm, thick air. Finally, we had arrived in Chiang Mai.