The Catlins

Searching for Penguins

Before we decided to make our way to the Catlins, or the Catlins Coast as it is sometimes called, we debated whether we should actually go, or not. Along the way we met a few people travelers who had been and most of them weren’t that thrilled with the place. Only after stopping in Gore on the way to wherever did we have a few locals insist that we must go, since we were almost there already.


The area has some gorgeous features. Several falls can be accessed by short walks from the road. We took the path to Purakaunui Falls, while it’s not very tall the tiers make it beautiful.


We didn’t go to the Catlins for its waterfalls.

We went for penguins.

New Zealand is home to the Yellow-Eyed Penguin.

I’d show you all a picture if they had come out to play, but they didn’t.

So, please enjoy further photos of coastline, waterfalls and sheep.