Cote d'Azur

Guest Post written by Evelyn
We tendered into Ville Franche Sur Mer, along the French Riviera.  The sea was a vivid blue, sparkling under a hot sun.  The town is nestled along the coast, with buildings spreading up the hills on winding roads while the remains of an ancient fortress lazily watch all that happens below.  It was interesting to see while the buildings are distinctly European, so many of the plants also grow on the west coast of North America: oleander, eucalyptus, olive trees, agave, even the same wildflowers.  Walking past tourist stalls and shops, we followed an alleyway past the old town laundry to find a local restaurant for lunch.  Later we discovered a nearly forgotten pathway up the hill, and climbed up to look out on the town and the vast shimmering expanse of water.