Vũng Tàu

Beachside in Southern Vietnam

Your screen doesn’t have dust on it, well maybe it does but that’s not why you’re seeing flecks on this post. The dark spots over the shore, the sea and the sky are dragonflies. When rain is coming, they fly low  -so I’ve been told. On the muggy day we visited Vũng Tàu, they wove around each other, darting up and down in front of us.

The water was warm and local kids played and splashed around in it. There was a significant amount of trash in the water -unusual to my spoiled American eyes, but it seemed to be unnoticed by everyone else.

Vietnam is a popular tropical get away for people from Russia, so every bar that wasn’t a locals only place was Russian. Hello Vodka and potato dumplings. We sat at one of these and watched the dragonflies, the children playing, and chatted while a fan cooled us from the hot afternoon.